Enter a supportive and informative environment where you will discover the relaxing and stress-reducing benefits of meditation combined with hypnosis. After each session you will feel much clearer, more balanced, and positively focussed.

Meditation will take you into a deeper level of relaxation and inner experience. This involves a creative visualisation where you can engage all your senses and harness your wonderful mind in a relaxed way.

The constant chatter of your mind will be constructively redirected, avoiding the strain of trying to force it into silence and enabling the positive and empowering process of self exploration. This encourages the development of intuition and trust in yourself to confidently take control of your world.

Intuitive Development

Each class is filled with various exercises to cultivate your intuition and develop your trust. Learn to read the energy of others and yourself in a safe and supportive environment. Explore auras, guides and angel connections. And learn to use cards, crystals and other tools as well.

These classes embrace altruistic spiritual principles, without subscribing to any particular doctrine. They are, instead, a way of enlightening, growing, and exploring our spiritual connections.

We invite you to join us in leaving our egos at the door. We can then relax and enjoy a heart-centred and open environment where we feel safe to share our truth and encourage each other to let our light shine.

Cathy B.


“I feel so much more positive and have not had a single anxiety attack since my last session. I am so much more confident, less afraid, and more self aware than I have ever been before.”

Karen M.


“For the first time in my life I have beautiful long finger nails, I no longer bite my nails. I am more motivated and have made big positive changes in my life. I now have the confidence to be myself and make my own choices. I am motivated 100%, a big change from not wanting to get out of bed in the morning.”

Maria W.

Mt Martha

“Thomas (12 years old) now goes to school without any fuss. He has had a great report this term after many poor ones. The anger is gone, he is like a different child. The whole family and his teachers can't believe the change in him.”

Helen R.


“Since seeing Nicola I have left the past behind me. It no longer haunts me, and the childhood trauma has been released. I have tried so many therapies and finally I feel free to live my life again. Thank you so much, you are an angel. Your therapy has changed my life.”

Olivia C.


“Your therapy gave me the strength to leave my abusive partner. You helped me to trust and believe in myself again. I have had three sessions and my family can't believe the change in me. I can't wait for my next three sessions. I can't believe how fantastic I feel.”

Frank L.


“I walked in to your room a heavy smoker and came out a non-smoker after just one hour. I have smoked for 35 years, 30 cigarettes a day. I still can't believe it, amazing!”

Sue R.

Mt Martha

“I had not been able to fly for many years due to anxiety and panic at even thinking of flying. I had already booked a flight to the UK for the next week when I went to see Nicola. After just one single session my fear of flying had completely gone, in fact, I actually enjoyed my flight to the UK. We had severe turbulence and I was so calm I even helped my partner relax. Great result!”

Sarah S.


“I was so surprised at how relaxing my session was. My hay fever and honey allergy have completely gone and I FEEL GREAT. I have reconnected with my body again, lost weight, and have so much energy.”

Adam T.


“My life has improved dramatically since my sessions with Nicola. My anxiety is almost non-existent. I am standing in my own power, and my relationship has gone from strength to strength. I feel so good. My work life is so much easier as I am able to deal with stress and no longer take it home. I am happier than I have been for a very very long time.”

Frank J.


“I had just one session. I thought I could not be hypnotised. I didn't think it would work. I WAS hypnotised, and it DID work. I no longer gamble, in fact, I can't gamble. I wasted years and years on my gambling addiction and thousands of dollars. I now have more time with my grandchildren and am free from gambling. Great stuff.”